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How do you get Happy? This book was written by M. Lyman


Business Phone Etiquette
How do you get Happy?   
Magnum Destroyer    
My Little White House    
General Etiquette   
Don't Be a Bully    
Bullying won't be tolerated    
Downsized Dad's Cookbook    

Mexican Cooking brochure
Microwave Cooking Madness





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"Don't Be A Wallflower"

Just Shine

                                                                                                                    BZ0077   $29.95

By M. Lyman "The first step is for wallflowers to acknowledge That they have a personal issue that needs to be addressed."

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"Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! 102 Ways"


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How to Get Satisfying Exercise at the Office



How to Write Eye Catching Professional Business Letters‏



Bullying won't be tolerated




"How to Write Eye Catching Professional Business Letters?


by L. Lyman this is a Business letter writing book designed for the professional